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30 December 2010: We’ll Meet Again

Jack Keating writes: Reg, I was reminded of the war years with the subject of your email, ie ‘We’ll Meet Again’. I was nearly three when the war started but I am led to believe, not only because of shortages of food but also of practically everything else, that Dame Vera Lynn (bless her!) was singing ‘Whale Meat Again’. I came across this short piece regarding whale meat:

“Certain foodstuffs that the 1940’s British consumer would find unusual, for example whale meat and the South African snoek, were not rationed, however despite this they did not prove popular.”

You, as a mere whippersnapper, won’t remember this image; it is a ration book. Looking at the other image (cartoon), I knew about whale meat but I didn’t know crocodiles were rationed!

A Happy New Year and best wishes from Jack

Jack, Excellent! I certainly remember at least one old Pongo in Cornwall House singing 'Whale Meat Again' as he queued for the daily special in the Canteen. You are nearly right re rationing. I remember, particularly, sweets coming off ration (around the early 1950s). As a result, my generation had the worst teeth ever. All the best for 2011. Reg

(From JK)

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