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28 May 2010: HMSOldies London Annual Lunch

Bob Avery writes:  Dear Reg, Something to lighten the tone for your readers. I have just got home from the London Oldies Lunch (arranged as usual by Bob Allder) and sobered up enough to download some photos of the participants. I have also attached Bob’s agenda and guest list so you can all have fun fitting the names to the faces. Well you have got to have something to keep you amused over the Bank Holiday. Remember we got an extra day off for the Queens Birthday at Whitsun. Regards, Bob

Hello Bob, Just what we want  — thank you! Looks like a fine lunch in good company. I am struggling with some of the names, and have passed to others to try their hand at putting names in the frame. Good to see Peter Mahoney featured. When I was with Formara Printers I dealt with him at Met. Police. Don't mention Watford . . . All the best, and thanks again.

John Rumball adds:  Hi Reg, As there has been a long time since the last images appeared on the website, I am attaching a few (providing my technical ability allows) from yesterday's first to be annual luncheon. This will replace the Annual Dinner which has proved difficult in late night travel for the people who live outside the London area! Bob Allder has done another good job in organising this event. Regards John

Hello John, Thank you. Excellent pictures. In fact, Bob was a day ahead in sending through some pics of the event and we will show them as a complete set. Looks like a good pub these days. Around 40 years since I was in there. Must go again . . . The company on the day looks good. All the best. Reg

(Photo from BA & JR)

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