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October 2009: John Pitson in Broulee, NSW, Australia

Philip Marriage writes:  During our recent holiday in Australia we stayed a few days in Lilli Pilli, near Batesmans Bay on Australia's east coast, not far from Broulee the retirement home of John Pitson. John worked for HMSO 1938-64 first as an apprenticed compositor at Harrow Press, then typographer for 13 years in the embryonic Design Studio under Harry Carter, then for a short while in Printing & Binding Division (as it was in those days) before immigrating to Australia to set up a Graphic Design Studio at the AGPS Australia's equivalent to HMSO.

John is 91 now and, on his own admittance, a bit wobbly on his feet but he made us most welcome and showed us around his house, built as part of a retirement village. He was keen to show us his paintings, lining the walls of his converted garage and his latest work, almost finished, which he was expecting to raffle for a local charity. He uses another room, complete with easel and paints in which to work. As well as spending a good deal of his time painting he also enjoys regular games of snooker with his pals in the nearby community hall. He seemed pleased we'd visited and his parting shot was "Nice to know that you're not forgotten. Good on ya".

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