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1 June 2006: Norwich HMSOldies at The Eagle: 6

Really getting down to the last knockings now, with Larry Lewendon (another fine portrait), Brian Wilson explaining to Jane Burgis why it's not worth selling to Local Authorities because of the inevitable billing queries sorry, I have relapsed into 1991; Kevin Gibbons testing the Quality of his pint, Carol Wardle, Anya Barnett, Ian and Jo Quarterman discussing with Jim McGregor how to replace George Rokhar(Jo's father)'s flabby chanter, various printers, (Messrs McGilliwie, Priddle, Morrell and Payne) all celebrating the fact that Brian Ekers had telegraphed money for a round. They didn't know at the time that it was for a round of clock golf. Then there was Eric Poad of Croydon, and no photos by request please of the Old Professionals stand up please Granville Reed and Tom Bokenham a Welshman and a Gentleman (you know which is which). John Betts seems to have escaped the lens, as did Alan Cole, Joe Bishop, Elizabeth McCrum, Phil Leach and several others whose cheque of anonymity I hold until the banks open on Monday.

If you were there, and don't feature, please send a picture of yourself. Any age will do, we will print it. Better still if it is with Dan Paul. We are Desperate, Dan. (Always wanted to say that, even after it appeared in The Commitments.  Sorry. Must have a lie down now. Nurse, the screens).

(Photos from Philip Marriage & Terry Burchell)

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