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1 June 2006: Norwich HMSOldies at The Eagle: 4

Were there really so many famous names in one place at the same time? Who knows what damage would have struck the national gene pool had there been a Chernobyl-style accident? Again, in no particular size of lump sum Roger Chalk (he left Sheila at home) with Jenny Meikle and Viv Jones, Mr and Mrs John Galley and friends (no, not Bill Scott . . . they bought some drinks), John Tassell, that old fool in the hat again with three lovely ladies whose names he is keeping to himself, JH Eason, Alan McGilliwie, Annette Conn with Gerry Lucioli and George James, John Rumball, Valerie Barnard with Judy Tassell.

(Photos from Philip Marriage & Terry Burchell)

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