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1 June 2006: Norwich HMSOldies at The Eagle: 1

Those who were excluded from the Deputy Prime Minister's Awayday at Dorneywood made it to a somewhat classier event on Thursday 1 June 2006 at The Eagle in Newmarket Road, Norwich. Among those photographed whose days of knocking their balls through hoops were long past were (in no particular order) Terry Burchell, Fred Stubbs, Mike Taylor, Reginald James Skeats Andrews (at 84, the Senior British Officer on the day Peter Macdonald was the Senior Ranking Officer, so it fell to him to buy all the drink: the bill is in the post, Peter), John Saville, some old tosspot in a trilby, Ernie Downs, Larry Lewendon, Jim McGregor, Mike Betts, Jenny Meikle, Trevor Priddle, Mr and Mrs John Payne, John Tassell, Con Owen, Gordon Robbie and Mrs Glass of Red Wine
More pictures follow.

(Photos from Philip Marriage & Terry Burchell)

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