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26 February 2006: ‘Lilac Lil’ and ‘Skibereen Colleen’

Dave Martin writes:  The photos show (from left) ‘Lilac Lil’ and ‘Skibereen Colleen’, aka Moira Turnbull (now Moira Martin) and Margaret Duggan (now Margaret O’Leary). The top photo shows the two young things in P5A (Commercial Books Purchasing) area, Room 206 Cornwall House during summer of 1962; the colour pic of the same pair was taken over 43 years later on 26 February 2006 at the Hare Inn (used for purchasing commercially produced beer!) in Long Melford, Suffolk.
Reg Walker adds: 
The pictures of the lovely Kalin Twins (Turnbull and Duggan) took me back to 1963 — tongue-tied 17 year old: 'exccccuse mmme MMMiss DDDDugggan and MMMisss TTTTurnbbbulll . . . cannnnn you helppppp mmmme find this BBBlue NNNote in your ffffiles?' 'Sod off sonny, we're after the real men. Nelson! The trolley's here — get our tea and a couple of slices of bread pud, and get Jim Neumann to wash our cups.' Happy days!

(Photo from Dave Martin)

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