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Marriage Lines

A journey around Australia in September-November 2009 by Philip &
Barbara Marriage, Adrian &  Audrey Young and George Hammond — three ex HMSO designers who have been friends since they first met in the
Atlantic House studio in the early 1970s

This account is based on a series of emails sent back to family and
friends from ‘Phil the Pom’ and begins with Philip & Barbara flying
in from Singapore. George, together with Adrian &Audrey joined them
ten days later when they reached Adelaide, but first Singapore, then
the Northern Territories . . .

20 Sept 2009    Marriage Lines Collected – Phil the Pom's 
          to               first 12 reports from Down Under
21 Oct    2009

22 Oct 2009     Old Friends

23 Oct 2009     Adelaide

23 Oct 2009    Clare Valley

23 Oct 2009    Cradock

24 Oct 2009    Flinders Ranges

25 Oct 2009    Blinman

25 Oct 2009   To Iga Warta and a G'night Story

25 Oct 2009   The Yunta Road

25 Oct 2009   Broken Hill

26 Oct 2009   To Lake Mungo

27 Oct 2009   Mungo to Dimboola

27 Oct 2009   Dimboola to Port Fairy

27 Oct 2009   Port Fairy

29 Oct 2009   The Great Ocean Road

29 Oct 2009   Cape Otway to Mornington Peninsula

3 Nov 2009   To Omeo

3 Nov 2009   The Great Alpine Road

4 Nov 2009   Mount Beauty to Canberra

A consolidated version called 'Dirt Roads and Rainbows' can be downloaded as an RTF (rich text format) document by clicking here.

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